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What can you do with a model and a mattress?

The initial idea for the shoot was to try ambient lighting - sitting or standing next to the window on the background of a white wall. When I arrived at Isa's place, it quickly turned out though that she indeed has plenty of windows and plenty of white walls but none of them were lit good enough to serve as our background. So.. I did what I do best. I improvised. You can see our improvised setup on the first picture. The light was coming from the large window on the ceiling and we used a huge mattress as a solid background. It had to be positioned quite far from Isa to ensure that any blemishes on the mattress will not be so visible on the pictures. For most of the shoot there were only two of us, so there was an additional complication of making Isa look natural and at ease while still holding the reflector in her hands. I hope it turned out OK. Take a look below.

our set up

Black and white version:

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