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Portrait of Science


Portrait of Science project aims at uncovering more about science by showing people who contribute to science at all levels - Research Group Leaders, Postdocs, PhD Students, Staff Scientists and Technicians.
All of them are vital for progress of scientific research and all of them are passionate people with their own motivations.



So.. Forget the tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks.. Science is only as good as the people who do it. So sit back, scroll down and get to know them.


What is science for you?

"In its very best moments I see science as a jigsaw puzzle for adults. It is equally exciting, amusing and rewarding once some pieces click together. And it is that strong urge to keep solving the puzzle that makes us scientists."

"The opportunity to find out that even one cell can make the difference."

Advice for future students?

"Follow your passion and don’t care about consequences because “you can accept finite disappointments, but should not lose infinite hope” (M.L. King Jr.)

"It’s the experimental results that challenge your expectations which yield the best discoveries."

"Work together and never give up."

What drives/motivates you?

"The moments when you have a new finding or see something so far undiscovered compensates all the setbacks. The knowledge, that sometime such a moment will come when you don´t give up, motivates me."


"I have always been a curious person. Always asking random questions. Learning to be a scientist is a process that helped me ask the right questions. Many of them were never asked before. Such questions bring a challenge and a sense of adventure. Some answers are found while looking through microscopes and telescopes.
And I love it!"

"I am always very curious, I always wish to learn more and I am most happy if I see that some new type of light microscopy based imaging technology helps to answer new scientific questions. This is what keeps me going."

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